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What Is Mediation

Mediation is a way to resolve disputes and disagreements with a trained and impartial third-party present, who ensures that everyone is dealt with fairly and has their points heard.
Whether your dispute is with your partner, friend, family member, neighbour or employer, mediation offers a way to address issues in a controlled, safe and confidential environment. The mediator is there to help ensure the facts are heard and support you to find practical, fair and lasting resolutions for all parties. 
Please note Linda is unable to offer mediation to separating couples. Since, April 2018 you are required by law to work with a MIHP Registered Mediator. Your solicitor will be able to provide a list of suitable contacts.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a way of helping parties resolves disputes and disagreements through face to face meetings with a trained person who is independent, impartial and is experienced in helping people resolve problems.

What are the benefits of Mediation?

  • It puts the parties in control. The parties in dispute are assisted to find their own solutions rather than having ultimatums imposed on them (by a court for example).
  • It enables parties to find common ground so that a relationship can continue into the future.
  • Parties discover what each other’s concerns and interests are.
  • It can help to prevent or dispel anti-social behaviour through common understanding.
  • It helps to reduce bitterness and can help to prevent unnecessary and expensive legal proceedings.
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